mokuhanga residency

This week I’ve been in Kawaguchiko at the MI-LAB mokuhanga residency. I’ll be here for 5 weeks, so look forward to many posts about what I’m learning! It’s wonderful to be here with such a lovely group of women artists, living and learning together in a traditional Japanese house.


I’ve started carving several blocks for new prints, using techniques learned from Master Carver Kitamura san, and I already feel like my carving has improved!

carving 1.jpg

Maybe by next weekend I’ll have some prints to show! Back to the studio now…

into the fold

For the final installation of the collaborative mokuhanga group show into the fold, we are showing all the artworks in the CfShe gallery at 3331 Arts Chiyoda in Tokyo. I’m showing my folded piece into the garden, along with its printed enclosure,


and also my two smaller peony prints.

blur peony.jpg

The show also features the work of Katie Baldwin, Yoonmi Nam, Mia O, Fuko Ito and Sarah Hulsey.


It will be up for almost a month, so I do hope you’ll be able to see it!


There is more information in my news section if you need it!

wedding illustrations

To keep to the wedding theme this week, here are some pretty watercolour olive branches that I painted for a friend’s wedding invitation. They are getting married in Corfu, and asked for something fresh and Greek and simple.

anna wedding heart artwork.jpg

I had originally tried several black and white line versions of the olive branch wreath, in a variety of media, but decided that watercolour created a softer impression, and added a nice pop of colour. These are some of the initial sketches.


I tried out some more flamboyant lettering for their initials, but eventually chose a pared back, more modern type for the A and J. Here’s to wonderful weddings!

anna 2.jpg

my friend's wedding

I went to the wedding of a childhood friend when I was in the UK a few weeks ago, and enjoyed the beautiful decorations (that she made herself!) and sunshine and catching up with friends and family.

katie wedding.jpg

I sketched the groom, as he waited for the bride to arrive…


and both of them as they listened to the speeches…

katie wedding 1 colour.jpg

and the wonderful speakers too.


It was a lovely day, and I wish them all the happiness in the world!

mini HK visit

I stopped in HK on my way back to Tokyo, and spent two days having meetings, cups of tea, and catch-ups with friends. It’s amazing what you can fit in when you have to! I stopped in at faux, to check out the latest samples of my ceramics, and discuss new projects.


Dinner in TST meant I got to take the star ferry, and enjoyed the harbour views…

star ferry.jpg

I enjoyed hot chocolate, tea and chai during all my meetings. Will be back soon!


countryside visit

We just had a lovely mini-break to Devon and Cornwall, staying in the delightful Great Burrow Cottage. It was so wonderful to be surrounded by all the greenery and friendly animals…

great burrow.jpg

I did several sketches of the views, here’s a blurry photo of my sketchbook, but you can see Dartmoor clearly in the distance!


We went to Meldon Woods nearby and saw the most amount of bluebells I’ve ever seen.


We also went to Port Issac, by the sea, and I adored the picturesque village on the cliffs.

port isaac.jpg

We had our anniversary dinner at the absolutely incredible Restaurant Nathan Outlaw and even had a nice chat with the chef himself afterwards.

nathan outlaw.jpg

Tintagel was mysterious under grey skies and intermittent sunshine…


…and I sketched happily around the cottage gardens until we had to leave. Can’t wait to go back there again one day!


HOBBS of London tote bag

I recently got my hands on some tote bags that fashion brand HOBBS of London made with my illustrated map of London on the side. I ran a competition on instagram for anyone who wanted one, just like and comment on my photo and tag a friend.


I’m going to choose a winner next week, so you still have time to hop on over and give it a go!



This week I’ve been in England, loving the glorious sunny weather. Spring can be like that I guess, sometimes dark and grey, sometimes warm and sunny. I’ve been helping my parents sort out their garage, finding some of my old treasures in the meanwhile…


We also went to the coast at Brighton, to look at the sea and fill our eyes with green. Here’s a sketch I did sitting at Devil’s Dyke on the South Downs,

sketch 1.jpg

…and even one of me painting it (thanks dad!).

me painting.jpg

Here are some eggs I painted with my nieces (hint - that’s Olaf!). A very Happy Easter to you all!


Hong Kong

I’ve had a wonderful week in HK. Unfortunately with a bit of a cold. But I’ve still managed to do quite a lot! Here’s a sketch I did today in Sai Ying Pun. I’ve always loved overhead flyovers…

sai ying pun photo.jpg

I’ve done lots of walks around smaller local streets on this visit, and I look for those hidden truly ‘HK’ views.

HK pics.jpg

I sat at one of the street restaurants and had a drink while I drew this scene in Jordan, at Temple Street Night Market. I liked something about the green awnings and red flags!

temple street .jpg

As usual, I’ve eaten all sorts of delicious meals. Here are just a few…


I had a wonderful evening at the new nightspot Dai Bing, in Sheung Wan, and even managed a little sketch on a coaster.

dai bing.jpg

Many of the local shops have a guardian cat, and I love spotting them on the job.

cats hk.jpg

I’ve got a few more days left in HK, mostly spent in meetings, but on to London next!

teaching in Hong Kong

This week I’ve been in Hong Kong, and spent 2 days teaching 4-7 year olds about illustration at Kellett school. There were 3 different year groups, and with each we worked with the subjects they’re currently looking at. The youngest group were studying animals in Africa. I drew some example animals, and watched them draw their own lions, zebras, snakes, elephants and giraffes. My drawings are on the left, the children’s on the right…


The it was the turn for dinosaurs - and I drew several that the children asked for. I especially liked their diplodocuses…


The last group was reading ‘Where the Wild Things Are’, so we designed our own wild things. I asked for suggestions and my wild thing had a unicorn’s horn, a lion’s mane and the body of a crocodile!

d things.jpg

Each class drew together on a long scroll of paper to create a mural-type image. I think they enjoyed themselves!! I certainly did.

sakura season

The cherry blossom is blooming, and spring has arrived in Tokyo. I’ve been to see the different cherry blossom sites all around town, and here’s a selection of them. The wonderful blue skies contrasted with the deep pink of these trees around the Emperor’s palace…


…although you can see that the trees aren’t quite at peak blossom yet.


The night-time viewing at Naka-meguro is always wonderful along the canals…


and it was wonderful to stroll and enjoy the festival atmosphere!


There are cherry trees in the normal streets too, and this one is on the way to my studio. I like the mix of camelia with cherry blossom.

cherry 1.jpg

And my favourite spot, the Aoyama cemetery. No rowdy hanami parties, just gorgeous avenues of quiet flowers…


I love the cherry blossom season!

one sakura.jpg

rugs - on sale!

faux, in HK, are having a super sale right now, and two of my rugs are extremely discounted. The first is based on one of my peony etchings. You can find it here.

peony rug.jpg

The other rug is based on a drawing I made of a bamboo plant, with patterned leaves. Here’s the link.

bamboo rug.jpg

Both are hand-made one-off pieces in gorgeous soft wool. Hope they’ll find their way to lovely homes…

eating out - Tokyo

I’ve enjoyed many lovely Japanese meals in the last few weeks, and have even managed to do a few sketches of them…


When we sit at the counter I often have time to sketch before we eat, but sometimes I take photos and do the sketches as soon as I get home, while the memories are still fresh.


Sometimes, just a photograph will do, capturing the deliciousness!

sofr sevre.jpg

fruit drops

I suddenly wanted to try out painting on canvas, so I bought a little square one and attempted a portrait of my favourite fruit drops…

fruit drops painting.jpg

It didn’t exactly go as planned, but on the whole, I think it’s a good start!

sketches copy.jpg

I’ll try again with some different candy in a few weeks maybe…

ume (plum) blossom season

The plum blossom blooms about a month before the more famous cherry blossom, and we went to Umegaoka park in Tokyo to walk amongst the gently scented trees and enjoy the first hint of Spring.

ume sketch.jpg

My favourite thing about the ume blossom is that there are so many different varieties and colours, from pure white to a deep crimson red.

ume 1.jpg

If you’re in Tokyo, hope you can take a moment to go and find some ume to enjoy!

faux website

My ceramics are produced by faux, in Hong Kong. They are the stockists for some of the larger stores there, but it’s also possible to visit their wonderful showroom on the South Side of HK Island in Ap Lei Chau, overlooking the sea, and also to shop on their website.

website 3.jpg

They’ve just revamped their online store and you can now buy my products from anywhere in the world, as it will automatically work out international shipping, hurrah!

website 2.jpg

You can buy my Hong Kong Toile range, my Hong Kong Willow collection, and also my London Toile collection and smaller Beijing range too! Happy shopping!

wood paper box - (un)fold

I recently went to Huntsville Alabama to meet with my friends Katie Baldwin and Yoonmi Nam, the other members of our art collective wood paper box. We got together to make the boxes for our third collaborative printmaking project, (un)fold.

box making.jpg

For this project we chose a mustardy yellow bookcloth, and grey paper for the inside. I always forget how long it takes to make clamshell boxes, but I always love how they turn out. I can’t wait to put all our lovely prints inside to complete the project!


We also started our woodpaperbox instagram, please follow us for all our printmaking news!

Chinese New Year sweet tray

This year I designed a sweet tray with an special version of my new Hong Kong willow pattern. It’s available exclusively instore at Lane Crawford department store in Hong Kong, in a strictly limited edition. It features different areas of HK island in the individual segments of the tray, such as Wanchai and Happy Valley.


The sweet tray is a traditional part of the Chinese New Year family celebration. It contains all the family’s favourite seasonal treats, such as mandarin segments, chocolate and nuts. If you bought one of my trays, I’d love to see how you use it this year!


And most of all, a big Kung Hei Fat Choi to you all! May the year of the pig be a lucky one.

in the details exhibition 2

Our Art Byte Critique group show in the details has been up and doing well all this week. I hung my frames salon style, in a sort of diamond shape, curating a selection of my ceramic/tea prints.

frame wall.jpg

It’s a lovely space, full of light, and all the artists’ work seems to complement each other super well.

gallery 1.jpg

The reception event was extremely well attended last night, and a good time was had by all. Thank you if you came to visit!

opening 2.jpg

I did an artist interview for the in the details blog. You can read it here.

postcard back insta.jpg

The show is still on and closes tomorrow at 5pm. Hope you can make it!