Ling Ling app

The childrens book I illustrated called 'Ling Ling Looked in the Mirror', about a cheeky girl who dreams of all the things she can grow up to be (and her even more sassy panda friend), is now available as an app! I'm very excited about it. You can view it on any ipad or iphone. You can have it read to you, or read it yourself. You can click on the pictures and it'll tell you what they are, you can get help reading a word if you're not sure what it is, and you can even record yourself reading the whole book.

It's aimed at kids between the ages of 4-10, but really it's fun for any age at all!

It's available as a hard-cover book on Amazon, and as an app in itunes. The app is £1.99 in the UK, $2.99 in the US. You can see a preview of it here.