I’ve just spent eight glorious days in Okinawa for the first time. It was the perfect moment and place for a break from work. We landed in the wake of a typhoon, which meant the days to start with were a little grey, but the sun soon came out, and the seas turned their famous turquoise blue…


We stayed in two beautiful airbnb places, both lovingly made of wood, to fit into the landscape, a mix of Japanese and Western aesthetic.


We visited the huge aquarium, and I loved seeing the weird and wonderful sea creatures, but am at the same time upset by seeing the larger fish, like whale sharks and manatees, in such confined spaces. Somehow it seems wrong…


I absolutely loved all the local food we tried, the shaved iced with tropical fruits, the ‘seagrapes’ that burst in a savoury tingle in your mouth, and the agu okinawan pork dishes.


I sketched here and there, taking in the glorious skies. This is the famous ‘heart rocks’ on Kouri Island. I’m not too sure they really look like hearts, but still liked them anyway!

heart rocks.jpg

I loved watching the sea and the sky changing …

sea view.jpg

I definately want to go back. Maybe next time to visit some of the outer islands and reefs, and do a little more looking at fish, but this time out in the wild.