golden week

This week has been a long public holiday here in Japan, and we've been exploring Tokyo every single day. We started with a trip to Ginza and the new Hibiya Midtown mall. It's been such lovely weather, the sun and the shadows were glorious.


We went to Shimokitazawa, stopping in an adorable cafe along the way, so I could try this Totoro shaped cream puff!


We explored several downtown areas, loving the shitamachi atmosphere, shopping for baking equipment and trying interesting snacks.


We went to the Todoroki Gorge, amazed that such a green and wild space could exist in urban Tokyo.


I did a watercolour sketch of a sort of mossy waterfall with dragon heads, and some little statues there.


We also tried an orange peel kakigori and then had a wonderful afternoon tea at the Imperial Hotel to celebrate our wedding anniversary...


I did a sketch of our tea and the incredible view out over the city, and then coloured it at home...

afternoon tea 2.jpg

Can't wait for the rest of this weekend, before it's back to work on monday...