Hong Kong part two

This week I spent in meetings, and the rain. So much rain. Typhoons and the rainy season, here we are again...


The rain made all the neon and street lights glow even more beautifully than usual, and I photographed the many ways lights fascinate me there.


I attended a gala for onesky, and drew sketches of the presenters. It was an amazing evening and raised funding for this wonderful charity, hurrah!

onesky gala presenters copy.jpg

I visited PMQ and the HKTDC shop there sells my HK toile products, which I always love to see.


On my last day I did this little watercolour sketch of the red room, where I stayed at my friend's house. I love this room so much! 

red room sketch.jpg

And of course I ate dimsum at City Hall with my friends, my all-time favourite HK thing to do. I already can't wait to go back...

dim sum.jpg