Oxford - Tolkien

I made a trip to Oxford while I was in the UK, specially to see the J.R.R.Tolkien exhibition at the Bodleian Library. It was incredible to see the original artwork for the Hobbit, and all the notes Tolkien made , as well as the many fan letters he received. I loved the one from a Mr Sam Gamgee!

oxford 2.jpg

Oxford itself was golden and beautiful in the August sunshine, with cobbled streets and punts on the river.


We stayed overnight in St Stephen's College, an old monastery, and had our sandwiches in the quad.

sketch 1.jpg

The views of the dreaming spires were delightful, and the evening was warm and gentle.


We also visited Whittington Court in Gloucestershire, a delightful old house with beautiful interiors. I sketched some of the things in the living room as we listened to the history of the house. 

wc sketches.jpg

The gardens were lush and a little wild, my favourite kind! Maybe I can visit again next time for a longer stay...

whittington court.jpg