Niseko visit

We spent an incredible few days in Niseko, Hokkaido, between Christmas and New Year, staying with friends in their beautiful house in the snow.

first sketch.jpg

We did go outside, even snowshoeing (!) but most of our time was spent cosy inside, looking at the heavy snowfall, and I did lots of sketches of the wintery landscape.

sketchbooks 2.jpg

It was a real challenge for me to draw this sort of view, as I’m not used to it, but I enjoyed trying to capture all the different types of whites and blues…

landscape long.jpg

I’ve never seen this kind of soft powdery snow, it was magical…

sketchbooks 3.jpg

The sky changed constantly, from pure snow white to brilliant blue, and the trees were sometimes silhouettes and sometimes full of vivid colour.


I’ll always remember the softness in the air, that made everything dream-like…


A very happy new year to you all, may 2019 be full of magical things!