teaching in Hong Kong

This week I’ve been in Hong Kong, and spent 2 days teaching 4-7 year olds about illustration at Kellett school. There were 3 different year groups, and with each we worked with the subjects they’re currently looking at. The youngest group were studying animals in Africa. I drew some example animals, and watched them draw their own lions, zebras, snakes, elephants and giraffes. My drawings are on the left, the children’s on the right…


The it was the turn for dinosaurs - and I drew several that the children asked for. I especially liked their diplodocuses…


The last group was reading ‘Where the Wild Things Are’, so we designed our own wild things. I asked for suggestions and my wild thing had a unicorn’s horn, a lion’s mane and the body of a crocodile!

d things.jpg

Each class drew together on a long scroll of paper to create a mural-type image. I think they enjoyed themselves!! I certainly did.