countryside visit

We just had a lovely mini-break to Devon and Cornwall, staying in the delightful Great Burrow Cottage. It was so wonderful to be surrounded by all the greenery and friendly animals…

great burrow.jpg

I did several sketches of the views, here’s a blurry photo of my sketchbook, but you can see Dartmoor clearly in the distance!


We went to Meldon Woods nearby and saw the most amount of bluebells I’ve ever seen.


We also went to Port Issac, by the sea, and I adored the picturesque village on the cliffs.

port isaac.jpg

We had our anniversary dinner at the absolutely incredible Restaurant Nathan Outlaw and even had a nice chat with the chef himself afterwards.

nathan outlaw.jpg

Tintagel was mysterious under grey skies and intermittent sunshine…


…and I sketched happily around the cottage gardens until we had to leave. Can’t wait to go back there again one day!