road trip USA

So, welcome again to my blog. I'll try my darndest to be fairly regular, even if it's just a tiny snippet of news... I've just come back from a road trip in the States,  (with a NY trip tagged on to the end) and here are a few sketches and photos:

Starting in Los Angeles,

where we walked along Venice beach from Santa Monica, and drove Mulholland Drive at Sunset, we carried on to Las Vegas, baby!

where we stayed at the Bellagio, watched the fountains, and gambled a grand total of $9, yeah, and spent all our money on buffets instead. From there to the Grand Canyon,

to be truly awestruck, and on to Monument Valley, where we drove as if in a movie:

A day at the Mesa Verde, for a touch of Ancestral Puebloan culture:

and then over the mountains to snowy Denver, the Rockies and the Buckhorn Exchange. It was road-trip-a-rama!

Next installment, NY...