nail designs

I get my nails done when I'm in HK by an incredible lady who interprets my artwork into a nail pattern. These are the ones I got last week, to match my mokuhanga garden print.

nails mokuhanag.jpg

I love experimenting and thinking of designs, and I especially liked these dark ones, to match one of my etchings.

nails ething.jpg

I really liked this more minimal combo of pink and grey too, made to match my Chinese New Year design.

nail spp.jpg

Hong Kong part two

This week I spent in meetings, and the rain. So much rain. Typhoons and the rainy season, here we are again...


The rain made all the neon and street lights glow even more beautifully than usual, and I photographed the many ways lights fascinate me there.


I attended a gala for onesky, and drew sketches of the presenters. It was an amazing evening and raised funding for this wonderful charity, hurrah!

onesky gala presenters copy.jpg

I visited PMQ and the HKTDC shop there sells my HK toile products, which I always love to see.


On my last day I did this little watercolour sketch of the red room, where I stayed at my friend's house. I love this room so much! 

red room sketch.jpg

And of course I ate dimsum at City Hall with my friends, my all-time favourite HK thing to do. I already can't wait to go back...

dim sum.jpg

Hong Kong

I'm in HK this week, meeting clients and eating great food. I took the weekend off to get into the HK mood...


I love HK so much, in so many ways. Visually I find it fascinating, and always inspiring. I don't take enough time to sketch here, as I'm usually running around, so I'm making an effort to take the time...


I miss dim sum and Chinese noodles and all the local desserts when I'm away, and they tend to be the things I look for as soon as I can when I'm back.


I really enjoyed being a tourist for a day, and taking the star ferry to see the view from both sides of the harbour.

star ferryview.jpg

This really is a crazy beautiful city.



Last week I went to watch the Tokyo sumo tournament and absolutely loved it! The space is beautiful and the crowds loud and appreciative...


I sketched the whole arena and then the players. 


I loved the old-timey photographs and memorabilia in the metro station, so you could get in the sumo mood!


NY Post

I recently did an illustration for the back page of the fashion section of the New York Post. I was given lots of photos of jewellery pieces and asked to create a fun illustration that would show all these nature-inspired pieces to their best advantage...

NY post birds.jpg


We received some amazing gifts recently and I did sketches of them to say thank you...


I put everything together into one image. Not sure if the subject matter really matches, but I think it sort of works...

thank you.jpg

golden week

This week has been a long public holiday here in Japan, and we've been exploring Tokyo every single day. We started with a trip to Ginza and the new Hibiya Midtown mall. It's been such lovely weather, the sun and the shadows were glorious.


We went to Shimokitazawa, stopping in an adorable cafe along the way, so I could try this Totoro shaped cream puff!


We explored several downtown areas, loving the shitamachi atmosphere, shopping for baking equipment and trying interesting snacks.


We went to the Todoroki Gorge, amazed that such a green and wild space could exist in urban Tokyo.


I did a watercolour sketch of a sort of mossy waterfall with dragon heads, and some little statues there.


We also tried an orange peel kakigori and then had a wonderful afternoon tea at the Imperial Hotel to celebrate our wedding anniversary...


I did a sketch of our tea and the incredible view out over the city, and then coloured it at home...

afternoon tea 2.jpg

Can't wait for the rest of this weekend, before it's back to work on monday...

River Cottage veg everyday

The new edition of River Cottage veg, now titled River Cottage veg every day!, has just been published. 


The new versions of the whole series of RC books have cloth bindings and shiny foil blocking on the covers. I drew new illustrations for each of the new covers and a frame for the back cover.

back cover.jpg

I love the new texture and of course the metallics...


The inside is all the same, except without the original endpapers, and just as full of tasty vegetable dishes. Enjoy!


Tokyo sketches

I've been enjoying watching life around me in Tokyo, and sketching as I watch. Everything moves at a Tokyo pace, but there are always quiet moments to draw...

metro odakyu colour.jpg

I've eaten at so many wonderful restaurants but this one is particular has stood out for deliciousness...kappou wada in Omotesando. Lunch was a super deal! 

kappouwada sketch.jpg


I did an e-mail interview a while ago with the lovely Shirley from the website, that sells printmaking supplies in the UK and it's now online. I bumped into her in Tokyo last year as we both shopped for mokuhanga paper, and we kept in touch...


I talk about my relationship with printmaking and show some examples of my work. Here are some pictures from the interview, hope you have time to read the full thing! 


sakura season

This week has been the hanami (cherry blossom viewing) season in Tokyo, and I went to see a different sakura area every day.

2 cherries.jpg

The beauty of the sakura trees in full bloom, all at once, is incredible!

cherry avenue.jpg

This sketch was done in Yoyogi Park today, with the cherry trees mixed in with all sorts of others...


I loved the walk around chidorigafuchi, the moat of the emperor's palace.


And I especially loved the sakura at night, along the Naka Meguro canal, lit with lanterns.


Scholastic Books article

Last summer I illustrated an article for Scholastic that recommended all sorts of new books for kids to read.

opener image.jpg

I drew shelves and a library/play room style environment, and photographs were then added into them.

flower shelf.jpg

I drew all sorts of shelves for the different categories, like adventure and mystery, science and art, adding in little details where I could...


And of course my favourite, fantasy + science fiction...

dragon shelf.jpg


This week I did some sketches at a local concert, and I realised that I really do focus on the music better if I'm drawing...

tomos concert.jpg

I love the combination of fancy dresses and musical instruments!


Bessho Onsen

A few weekends ago we took a trip to Bessho Onsen, a little town near Nagano, in a pretty little snowy valley. It's the last stop on the local train and has several ryokans and shrines. We stayed in a magnificent place called Ryokan Hanaya Nagano.


It used to be a Samurai residence, and has been a ryokan Since the Meiji era. Our room was sublime and we spent most of our time there tucked up cosily in the kotatsu!

ryokan room.jpg

I loved the rotemburo, the baths and the dining rooms and drew some of the beautiful dishes we were served.


We walked around the town in the freezing but beautiful sunny weather and admired Anrakuji where the wooden octagonal pagoda is a national treasure of Japan.

anrakuji sketch.jpg

I wish there were more weekends I could spend in this luxury...

slippers and wall.jpg


I'm still working on getting my new website up and running, so while waiting for that, here's a photo of my favourite ever bento...


children's murals

I'm sorting through images for my new website (hopefully launching soon!) and found these photos of several children's room murals I've done over the years. These two were for my neices...This jungle themed room is in a new baby's room in California.This subtle white line painted floral was in Hong Kong, for two lovely girls who shared a room.And this London-themed corridor and bedroom is in a suite of rooms in Mayfair...I love painting these murals, and always happy to take comissions!