HK toile

HK toile ceramics in tree

I went to tree interiors shop in HK this week, and loved their fantastic new display of my HK toile products.treeApparently the noodle bowl two-piece set is a best-seller, hurrah! Here is a sign they have showing all the different products.pricesI especially liked this way of showing the Chinese teacups...tree 2Hope you can fit even just a little piece into your kitchens!

Hong Kong teaset

I'm in Hong Kong at the moment, and have just popped in to Tree, a large friendly eco-homeware store, that has started selling my HK Toile teasets.I chatted with the sales assistants and they told me they're selling extremely well, hurrah!Hope you can pop in to see them. The HK toile products are also on sale through kapok, HKTDC, HK Museum of Art shop, inside, and the Mandarin Oriental Hotel shop.