HOBBS High Street Kensington

I recently did some artwork for HOBBS fashion stores in London. I produced over 20 illustrations for use inside their stores, and also one very special one for the promotion of their newest store in High Street Kensington, inside the iconic Barkers building. Here's the promo they made for instagram: [video width="640" height="640" m4v=""][/video]


The illustration also went out on invites for VIPS and local customers...26646283513_b0a20b0c20_c...and I heard that a good time was had by all. Next post will have photos of the store!

Kate Spade party

Kate Spade has just opened a shiny new store in Pacific Place shopping mall in Hong Kong, and I was asked to be a guest artist at the opening party. I  drew sketches of the customers and VIPs (who had each been given a fabric flower to wear for the event), and gave them to everyone to keep as a souvenir gift.It was fun! I kept the portraits light, pretty, and in the style of the evening. Each one had a dash of watercolour red and pink for the flowers, and took under five minutes to complete. I think most of the guests were happy with their pictures...I had expected it to be mostly women, but alot of men sat for me also, which was great.There were a few local celebrities there, and I even drew a portrait for Stephy, a canto-pop singer.Check out all the HK stores (ifc, Harbour City & Elements, as well as PP) if you're into super nice handbags and accessories!