I did an interview with playtimes magazine when I was in HK, mainly to promote the Max and Mei books I illustrated. It's funny to read what I said, in another person's words: quoteThey collected together some of my images for the interview, and I love seeing how other people put them together, it always surprises me.imageYou can read the whole interview at the Playtimes link above, and see the Max and Mei books here.mandarinmatrix_max-and-mei 2

HOKK fabrica interview

I was interviewed for the online fashion & lifestyle magazine Hokk fabrica this month. You can see the full interview here. This month's issue is about the concept of 'local', and they sent me questions which I was asked to answer by hand, like this... I was asked about my first memorable piece of artwork... It's a print I did in Japan. I really love it.Take a look at the full interview and hope you enjoy!

OuterEdit starting soon!

I blogged about this a few months ago, and now it's finally here, the collaborative project for OuterEdit is about to start... They came to London and filmed a little video of me and here it is. I'm a little bit freaked out by how I look/sound, but there you go.

OuterEdit - FC04 - Mariko Jesse from OuterEdit on Vimeo.

Our 'collab' starts on October 9th, and my collaborators on this project will be illustrators Aude Van Ryn, David Humphries, Kahori Maki, and Bob Foundation. They're all amazing and I hope you'll check out the OuterEdit website and see what we produce together!