stationery set

I've collaborated with my friends Katie Baldwin and Yoomni Nam on a hand-printed paper stationery set for Wonderfair's Letter Writing Club, in Lawrence, Kansas. setThis is a photo of all the elements before they're packed together. I made the letter sheets with envelope, and also did the calligraphy for the top label (which Katie then screenprinted). The letter sheets are relief printed in green/gold. Here's the gold block,blockand the tests I printed to choose exactly the colour that would work.colour choicesHere's the final set all put together. They'll be for sale at the club, and then afterwards at Wonderfair. set 2The club meetings are held regularly, to encourage good ol' fashioned writing letters, and we'll all be attending the next one on Sunday 20th September. Hope to see you there!

workshop tours

As part of the SGCI conference last week, I went to visit several local print workshops. It was amazing to get a tour of their facilities and wander around. I have a bit of a thing for paper (can you tell?) so here are my photos of the various studios' paper storage areas. The first is Crown Point Press,and I also loved this huge roll there...   and the flat and roll combo at Kala in Berkeley ...I have to say these tape dispensers at the Compound Studios also tickled my fancy...One day I will have my very own paper shelves!